Fundraising Ideas

Whilst COVID-19 had made it extremely hard for fundraising to take place in a normal capacity, we have put together some ideas and inspiration to get you raising money virtually for your chosen charities.

Whatever activities you are organising this year to raise money for charity, please ensure that they are operating within the Government’s Covid-19 guidelines.

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Put on an Online Auction

This is a simple yet affective way to bring people together safely to raise money and create a fun online event in aid of your charity. Once you have your items or donated prizes, there a few options on how to run your online auction. 

Get your auction up and running

Once you have your items there are a few options on how to run your online auction:

1. Set up a video call with those who want to get involved. Ensure you have an auctioneer, a method of bidding for those involved, we suggest a cream tea card. Don't forget to circulate the items available and house rules of the auction beforehand.

2. Set up a Facebook page and explain what the pages purpose is, the rules and how long the bidding is open for. Then post the items you are wanting to auction off and get people to comment how much they are willing to pay for it in the comments section. Then when you close the auction you can see who has bided the most for each item. To collect the money from the bidders, simply set up a donation page for winners to be directed to.

Organise a Cream Tea Delivery

Sometimes we all need a pick me up, especially during these worrying times. What better way to cheer someone up than doorstop cream tea?


Simply make a batch of scones, add the jam and cream and box up, ready for delivery. Then simply drop them to people doorsteps. Add a special note to encourage people to donate to charity, linking to your selected charity’s website. We suggest setting up a donation page on the internet, it is easy to access and easy to donate to.


Create Afternoon Tea Virtual Quiz

Why not invite friends and family and set up a video call for them to join a fun afternoon quiz, complete with a cream tea. Raise money for charity by asking everyone for an entry fee. This can be competitive but great fun!

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Online Cream Tea Bake-a-long

Join the thousands of people that have been taking to the kitchen over the last year, by hosting a bake-a-long!


What a better way to catch up with friends and family than to gather over Facetime, or Zoom, and follow these simple steps to make the perfect Cornish scones.

You can even make this competitive and judge the bakes, or just enjoy the fruits of your labour with a cup of tea and chat with your attendees.


Top Tips to make your bake-a-long go smoothly:

  • Share the recipe a week in advance so everyone has chance to organise the ingredients and equipment required.

  • Set up and send the video link out beforehand.  

  • Make sure someone is leading the bake.