Partners - Tiptree

Wilkin & Sons Limited

Tiptree – Fruit growers and preservers

Fruit growers and producers of good food, Wilkin & Sons Ltd have been making Strawberry Conserve in the village of Tiptree since 1885.  Their farms in the heart of the Essex countryside provide a rich harvest of soft fruit such as the famous Little Scarlet strawberry, stone fruit (cherries, damsons and Victoria plums) and a selection of unusual fruits that make amazing jams and jellies (quince, medlar and mulberries). 

From April to October the farm keeps the jam factory supplied with a range of hand-picked fruit for jam making.  Today there is also an expanding market for Tiptree branded fresh fruit that is sold direct to chefs in London, to supermarkets and through the Tiptree Fruit Shed next to the Visitor Centre.

Traditional methods supported by sophisticated equipment ensure that the quality of the fruit entering the factory is kept to the highest standard: all fruit is checked by hand before it is processed, oranges are still split by hand and the delicate mulberries each have the central core removed by a small team of dedicated ladies who cut the cores with tiny scissors.

The employees are key to the success of the business and are part owners of the company, they receive a share of the business on completion of their first year of service, dividends are paid and it encourages them to have a greater interest in the long term future of the company.

The jam making business started by Mr Arthur Charles Wilkin in June 1885 has evolved and expanded with Tiptree preserves being enjoyed in more than sixty countries, on major airlines, first class hotels and on cruise liners.  You are never far from a jar of Tiptree and a reminder of the rich tradition of English summer fruit, perfect for afternoon tea.